Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Stop the blame game!

Why does society deem it necessary to find someone to blame for every event that transpires?

This week 2 DJ's have suffered a severe backlash after contacting the hospital in which Kate Middleton was admitted in an attempt to make a prank call, after the nurse who took the phone call took her own life.

It begs the question, do the DJ's deserve such blame and hatred labelled upon them?

In my opinion NO!

Yes I am Australian the same nationality as the DJ's, yes I love a good joke as much as the next person and I am in no way suggesting that it is not a tragedy that a young woman took her own life, I am merely suggesting that I don't believe it is appropriate to place the blame for such an event on anyone. If we were to place blame, why are only the DJ's under the spotlight for their actions?

Take the hospital for example. They deal with the Royal family for gods-sake, surely they should have some sort of administration set up in place, a media rep or something to monitor such phone calls, to stop the pranksters getting through. Surely they should perhaps better train their staff to not give out confidential information about patients over the telephone, no matter if the patient is a member of the royal family or not! Why is the hospital not facing the hate campaigns?

Also, the radio station. Why are we not hating them, did these 2 radio presenters come up with this idea and pull it off on their own? NO! It was a team effort! So perhaps the radio station should take one for the team here and take some of the heat off these two DJ's for a second.

Bottom line. The blame game needs to stop!
We have no idea the circumstances surrounding the life of this nurse.
Was this really what made her take her own life?
Perhaps, but we don't know for certain.
Yes, its a tragedy and my thoughts go out to all of her friends and family, a young life taken far too soon, but lets stop the blame game before we loose a couple of other young lives in the same manner.
Blaming people & organisations will not bring this woman back! It will not help her family, it will not help her friends.
Blame is not constructive!

Lay off the DJ's!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Please! Let's not bash the Royal Baby before it is even born!

It's official!
A Royal Baby is on the way!
Congratulations to William and Kate on becoming parents-to-be!

In what is such a happy time for any couple, I find it quite astonishing that there have been so many negative articles and comments on social media in regards to this very exciting announcement. Why must there be a negative in every situation?

Most of the negativity seems to surround the fact that Kate has been hospitalized due to suffering from HG (Hyperemesis Gravadium) which I can tell you from first hand experience really is the most unpleasant and debilitating condition to suffer from during pregnancy, & Kate you have my full sympathy.

On my own personal Facebook, some of my friends have made comments such as "swallow a tablespoon of concrete and harden up", "typical princess", "suck it up like the rest of us", I am honestly disgusted!

Firstly, do you really think that the general public is going to be privy to every detail of Kate's pregnancy! Are we all suddenly medical experts and doctors because we have given birth to a kid or two ourselves? Come on people, give the poor girl a break!

I guarantee however that those people who have produced status update after status update slagging the royal baby news, if anyone started airing their views on the way these people lived their lives, told them that they should just "suck it up" whenever they had an issue that effected them in some way, they would scream bloody murder!

Is it really that hard to be excited for others on their good news? Or are we so wrapped up in ourselves that we cannot possibly be happy for anyone outside our own little bubble?

There are no need for put-downs, there is no need for negativity, a Royal Baby is on the way and unless Australia becomes a republic anytime soon this child of William and Kate's will one day sit on the throne and be the figurehead of this country.
So let's not continue to bash the poor child or its mother before it's even born!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!..... but not for some :-(

Christmas is one of those times of the year that you either love or hate.
For me personally I LOVE CHRISTMAS!
I really enjoy the whole month of December.
I love fighting for a park at the shopping centre, the crazy long checkout lines, the lights, the tinsel, the gifts, the food, the smiles on my children faces, the parties, did I already mention the food? I had always thought the "Christmas haters" were just crazy people. How could one not love this time of year?
But then once I took my selfish hat off for a second I realized that it was I who was in fact the crazy person!

Recently it dawned on me that everyone is not as lucky in life as I am.
There are people who have no home, no food, no clothing, the basics that most of us take for granted. It was after reading an article in a local newspaper regarding a homeless couple who were about to have their first child that reality set in for me. How could Christmas be "a wonderful time of the year" for this couple, when everyday life for them was sleeping in their car not knowing where their next meal or next dollar was coming from. Not being able to bring their newborn home from the hospital like most couples do, but facing the prospect of bringing home their baby to a car. What horrifies me the most about this situation is that this couple are not alone in this situation, there are many others living in the same circumstance.

After putting some more thought into this I also realized that some of these "Christmas haters" whilst they may not be homeless or struggling financially in life, they may be struggling in other ways. Christmas generally for a lot of people is a time where families come together. But what about those people who have lost family members? Or those who have no family or friends? Maybe they hate Christmas because it reminds them of what they have lost. Maybe they feel or are facing the holiday season alone.

So this Christmas I ask everyone who reads this to perhaps take a minute to remove your Christmas loving hat and think about those less fortunate than yourself for a moment. Maybe it is time to stop hating the haters, and start helping. Place a gift under your local Kmart wishing tree, make a donation to the Salvation Army, LifeLine, The Red Cross in your local area, donate a few hours of your time to help out, drop in and say hello and have a coffee with some of your elderly neighbours, help someone out that you know is doing it tough. The list of things to brighten up the lives of others is truly endless and if we all just gave a little the end results can be huge.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Mummy Vision Reinvented! Love, Loss & Life in the Country!

So after what can only be described as ...........
Well it's been a long time between drinks it would seem!
But Mummy Vision is back!
Back for good!
Back with a new vision!
Back with new motivation!
& it all starts right here right now!
So get on board this train!

A lot has happened in my life over the past few months, some good things, some not so good things, but that's all part of the journey, right?

In summary, the best thing to happen to our family is that we moved to the country!!!!
Living the dream people! Living the dream!
The Wimmera region in Victoria is now home for our family and so far we are loving the change of lifestyle. It's quiet, the townspeople are friendly, the school is fantastic and best of all everyone of the 6 members of this family (7 if you include the cat) are happy!! Life is great!

And whilst life in the country has been just the ticket to our happiness, our move coincided with a not so pleasant event of us experiencing our eleventh miscarriage.

Now obviously this is something I have experienced before, however the fact that it is number 11 doesn't make it hurt any less. It's heartbreaking, it's tough and there have been days that I have wanted more than anything to just stay in my nice cozy bed and not get out and face the day. But with four other children, that is something that is not possible. I mean, who is going to make breakfast, let's be honest!
So I get up, I do what I am supposed to do as a mother but inside it really hurts.

In the past, I have lost friends because of my miscarriages, people in my experience either seem to think that it's nothing, no big deal, what's the drama? etc or they suddenly become aliens incapable of having a normal conversation with you as they simply don't know what to say. Dealing with either of these things can be frustrating to the point where you want to beat people about the head, but let's be honest that is never going to solve the problem.

What would solve the problem is if people showed a little respect!

So why am I sharing this info?
I am sharing this so that people who read this that have a wife, a sister, a mother or friend or family member who are going through or who have experienced this are aware, that it doesn't help to be a stranger! It doesn't help you show no respect! So be respectful, show some love and be supportive! Miscarriage is something that you never get over, it never leaves you, it stays a part of you for life, but it is possible to come out the other side of the experience and have a positive attitude on life and to be happy!

I honestly believe that I am a stronger person because of what I have been through on my journey to create my family. I have learnt so much about myself and how strong I am as a person. Hell, after this I can really do anything & I truly believe that! Sometimes all you have to do to be happy is think outside the box a little and be willing to let happiness find you.

Moving right a-long!
So, my new vision for Mummy Vision is to get back to the basics of what being a mum with an opinion is about and that of course is discussing the issues that face us daily and debating them in a healthy manner. I think we as individuals can learn a lot not only from the experiences of others but from the opinions and views of others.

So, stay tuned for the "issue of the day" coming to you daily on both the blog and the Mummy Vision Facebook page!!!

Have your say! Get your opinion off your chest and maybe learn something by reading the views of others!!!

Enjoy life Mummy Vision followers as it is the most precious gift we are ever given!

Monday, 25 June 2012


As a mum of four it is inevitable that there will be one day of the week that is just crazy busy! For me it;s Mondays! So I thought I would share with you a blow by blow account of a typical Monday in my house!

5:00am - Rise & Shine!!! Have coffee with husband and pack his lunch!

5:15am - Shower.

5:25am - Husband leaves & I make school lunch for my daughter, kinder lunch and snack for my other daughter, 2 snack boxes of food for the day for my other daughter and son to snack on during the day as I find it saves me time through out the day.

5:40am - Dishes & start the daily loads of washing.

6:00am - Breakfast for me in peace!

6:30am - My son normally wakes up and I dress him and give him his breakfast.

6:45am - My other children wake up and have breakfast.

7:00am - First load of washing goes into the dryer.

7:30am - The girls get dressed

7:45am - Hair! This is a challenge depending on moods of the girls at the time!

8:00am - Pack school/kinder bags, sign notes, sign reader folder etc

8:10am - Shoes, beanies, jackets.

8:15am - We set off on the 2 and a bit walk to Kinder

8:30am - Kinder drop off

8:45am - School drop off

9:00am - Quick play in the park on the way home for my daughter and son.

9:45am - Arrive home, hang washing on line/dryer, get food out for dinner.

10:00am - Start the daily baking. Put the baby down for a nap. Set my daughter up with some craft or she helps to cook.

10:50am - Madly clean the kitchen

11:15am -Leave the house for Kindy-Gym.

11:30am - 12:30pm - Kindy-Gym for my youngest two which they love!

1:15pm - Kinder pick up

1:30pm - Lunch

1:45pm - Vacc, mop, general tidy of the house. Check emails.

2:15pm -  Prepare dinner.

3:15pm - Leave the house for school pick up

3:30pm - School pick-up

3:45pm - Arrive home and have afternoon tea

4:15pm - Leave house for Basketball

4:30pm - 5:30pm - Basketball

5:45pm - Arrive home from Basketball, organize dinner. Husband has arrived home :-)

6:00pm - Dinner.

6:30pm - Baths

6:45pm - Bed for baby, stories and readers for the girls.

7:15pm - Kids sleeping! YAY!

7:20pm - Clean up after dinner. Dishes, clean out school bags etc.

7:45pm - Husband leaves for indoor cricket & I set myself up for some serious clothes folding in front of the TV.

9:00pm - Shower

9:15pm - Organize clothes for tomorrow (husband arrives home)

9:30pm - Emails & Uni, I do all my reading and note taking at night!

12:00am - Bed time! & get up and start again tomorrow!!!!

I have to say as busy as I am with 4 kids and a Law degree I wouldn't change a thing! There is never a dull moment that's for sure and I certainly think that being a mum is the best job in the world!!!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Are we too litigous?

Tonight I have been sitting here madly typing out my Torts notes for the week while my munchkins are tucked up in bed in an effort to not get behind in the first week back of the semester when one of the discussion questions for this week really grabbed my attention.

Do you think that people are becoming too litigous?

Well um duh! Of course we are! Australia is not considered the second most litigous country in the world for nothing! Every five minutes some random is suing someone over what seems like nothing. The very second we get hurt or are injured WHAM! Who can we sue?

I think the focal point of the question should be WHY????? How did we get this way.

Well we do have this ridiculous obsession with America and doing all things "American!" but personally I think its because we are a welfare dependent society. We are breeding generation after generation of money-suckers who suck every dollar of government coffers yet still want more.

Australia - the land of the free................ I think not!

More like the land of the dole bludger!!!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hey! Hey! Hey! Long time between drinks people!

it's been a few weeks since my last post. Super busy with exams etc BUT good news being that I passed my classes and got that one step closer to that coveted piece of paper. Not long to go now! & wow what a lot happens in the world over the space of a few weeks. The world it seems has launched an attack on Chrissie Swan's parenting skills and after a fourth inquest its now officially on record that "the dingo took the baby". A massive contrast from Chrissie to Azaria Chaimberlain BUT as a mum and to a lesser extent a law student, some fairly major developments. It is honestly beyond me how we as a society can be so critical of individuals who we don't know, and situations in which we don't know all the facts and circumstances. What ever happened to "judge not lest ye be judged"? Now I am not a religious person at all but apparently the greater population of Australia...... no, actually make that the World seems to hold the belief that they have some divine right to judge all! Perhaps we all need to take a good hard look in the mirror.