Friday, 27 April 2012

The baby shoe experiment!

My beautiful (yes I am biased) 14 month old little boy has just started walking. Even though he is my 4th child, so I have been there and done all of this before, it is still an amazing experience watching someone talking their first steps. For my little guy it has been a slow process. A few weeks ago he took "a" step. A day or two later he took a "few" steps, and just in the past 24 hours he has seemed to find his balance and he is now cruising up and down our hallway, clapping his hands and thinking that he is rather clever for having mastered this art.

So this morning I decided I would put his gorgeous new little runners on and see how he liked walking with shoes. This was what can only be described as an EPIC FAILURE! It was honestly like watching a cat with sticky tape attached to its paws! He sat shaking his legs as if he had dipped them in honey or water or some other foreign substance, attempted to chew them off by placing them in his mouth, and when all that failed he decided a tantrum would be the best way to get out of them. He was right!

I guess I still have my sock wearing little baby for a little bit longer.

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