Sunday, 24 June 2012

Are we too litigous?

Tonight I have been sitting here madly typing out my Torts notes for the week while my munchkins are tucked up in bed in an effort to not get behind in the first week back of the semester when one of the discussion questions for this week really grabbed my attention.

Do you think that people are becoming too litigous?

Well um duh! Of course we are! Australia is not considered the second most litigous country in the world for nothing! Every five minutes some random is suing someone over what seems like nothing. The very second we get hurt or are injured WHAM! Who can we sue?

I think the focal point of the question should be WHY????? How did we get this way.

Well we do have this ridiculous obsession with America and doing all things "American!" but personally I think its because we are a welfare dependent society. We are breeding generation after generation of money-suckers who suck every dollar of government coffers yet still want more.

Australia - the land of the free................ I think not!

More like the land of the dole bludger!!!!

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