Friday, 27 April 2012

The never ending saga of the Octomum!

We have all heard of Nadya Suleman, the Angelina Jolie look-a-like made famous by having 8 children in a single birth in 2009. Octuplets! Wow! What a story! However since then we have seen story after story, interview after interview and the main topic of discussion is always her parenting ability, or more accurately her lack of parenting ability and also quite frequently stories grace the cover of our magazines and newspapers regarding the squalid living conditions of her home. Personally I fail to see how this is newsworthy. She is a single parent with 14 children and refuses the help of others. What exactly did we all expect?
I have 4 children all aged 6 and under. I had my first three children (my 3 beautiful girls) all in less than 3 years, and let me tell you, life is not always a walk in the park, I simply can not comprehend how one person could possibly  chose to undergo IVF with the view of raising 14 children ALONE! Talk about attention seeking! However I would not at any point EVER say that it could not be done.
 In order to raise 14 children on your own you would have to be a VERY special person in my opinion. A person who doesn’t even know what the word selfish means, and someone who puts their children at all times above themselves. I know quite a few single parents myself and they are the most amazing people I have met and I admire them greatly. The thing I admire most is their strength. They are fighters, they work their arses off (& I am not just talking about paid work here either) and some of the people I know personally I have no doubt could raise 14 kids on their own but I don’t believe they would chose to do so using a medical procedure. If only Nadya Suleman could spend a day or two with them I am sure they could have some sort of positive effect.
I know I certainly never had any visions of this woman succeeding in successfully raising 14 children on her own. The reality of this particular situation is that it was always going to be impossible for her! People have tried to help which in my opinion is very generous. It truly amazes me how willing society is to help out people who have no interest in helping themselves.  Everyone from Dr Phil to her own stylist has had a crack, but bottom line the woman seems to think she knows everything about everything! & I guess in a way she does. She know all that there is to know about turning the lives of 14 children into a complete train wreck.
As much as this woman is clearly an idiot, are we, society partly to blame for this. Let’s be honest here we all get a kick out of reading her falling flat on her face and doing an absolutely pathetic job of raising her children. We buy the newspapers, we read the stories. I guess you could even say we played a part in the existence of the Octuplets in the first place. We all love reading dramatic, alarming, shocking stories, we all secretly want to be rich and famous. Bottom line Nadya Suleman wanted to be famous and we have ensured that she has got what she wanted. We all need to do these poor kids a favour. We must stop indulging Nadia’s poor decisions, we are the only hope these kids have got and we need to make this woman accountable! What kind of mother says things like "Obviously, I love them - but I absolutely wish I had not had them." We must stop the Octomum train before its too late.


  1. 14 children just seems so unfathomable to me. I find it full on with one!! Interesting post, left me lots to think about :)

  2. Thanks for the comment MsMandie!