Saturday, 8 December 2012

Please! Let's not bash the Royal Baby before it is even born!

It's official!
A Royal Baby is on the way!
Congratulations to William and Kate on becoming parents-to-be!

In what is such a happy time for any couple, I find it quite astonishing that there have been so many negative articles and comments on social media in regards to this very exciting announcement. Why must there be a negative in every situation?

Most of the negativity seems to surround the fact that Kate has been hospitalized due to suffering from HG (Hyperemesis Gravadium) which I can tell you from first hand experience really is the most unpleasant and debilitating condition to suffer from during pregnancy, & Kate you have my full sympathy.

On my own personal Facebook, some of my friends have made comments such as "swallow a tablespoon of concrete and harden up", "typical princess", "suck it up like the rest of us", I am honestly disgusted!

Firstly, do you really think that the general public is going to be privy to every detail of Kate's pregnancy! Are we all suddenly medical experts and doctors because we have given birth to a kid or two ourselves? Come on people, give the poor girl a break!

I guarantee however that those people who have produced status update after status update slagging the royal baby news, if anyone started airing their views on the way these people lived their lives, told them that they should just "suck it up" whenever they had an issue that effected them in some way, they would scream bloody murder!

Is it really that hard to be excited for others on their good news? Or are we so wrapped up in ourselves that we cannot possibly be happy for anyone outside our own little bubble?

There are no need for put-downs, there is no need for negativity, a Royal Baby is on the way and unless Australia becomes a republic anytime soon this child of William and Kate's will one day sit on the throne and be the figurehead of this country.
So let's not continue to bash the poor child or its mother before it's even born!

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