Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Stop the blame game!

Why does society deem it necessary to find someone to blame for every event that transpires?

This week 2 DJ's have suffered a severe backlash after contacting the hospital in which Kate Middleton was admitted in an attempt to make a prank call, after the nurse who took the phone call took her own life.

It begs the question, do the DJ's deserve such blame and hatred labelled upon them?

In my opinion NO!

Yes I am Australian the same nationality as the DJ's, yes I love a good joke as much as the next person and I am in no way suggesting that it is not a tragedy that a young woman took her own life, I am merely suggesting that I don't believe it is appropriate to place the blame for such an event on anyone. If we were to place blame, why are only the DJ's under the spotlight for their actions?

Take the hospital for example. They deal with the Royal family for gods-sake, surely they should have some sort of administration set up in place, a media rep or something to monitor such phone calls, to stop the pranksters getting through. Surely they should perhaps better train their staff to not give out confidential information about patients over the telephone, no matter if the patient is a member of the royal family or not! Why is the hospital not facing the hate campaigns?

Also, the radio station. Why are we not hating them, did these 2 radio presenters come up with this idea and pull it off on their own? NO! It was a team effort! So perhaps the radio station should take one for the team here and take some of the heat off these two DJ's for a second.

Bottom line. The blame game needs to stop!
We have no idea the circumstances surrounding the life of this nurse.
Was this really what made her take her own life?
Perhaps, but we don't know for certain.
Yes, its a tragedy and my thoughts go out to all of her friends and family, a young life taken far too soon, but lets stop the blame game before we loose a couple of other young lives in the same manner.
Blaming people & organisations will not bring this woman back! It will not help her family, it will not help her friends.
Blame is not constructive!

Lay off the DJ's!

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