Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The split!

In case you missed it, Grant Hackett and wife Candice Alley have split. The swimmer famous for his olympic gold medals in the 1500m is also rapidly becoming just as famous for is alcohol consumption and wild behavior that appears to go hand in hand with it.

No I am not one to take sides at all as the general public never have the real truth about what goes on behind closed doors, but if I was Grant Hackett I would be pissed off at Alley too.

She "let" him by a $380,000 Ferarri on his retirement......... um what? She "let" him! Wow how generous of her to let him spend HIS hard earned dollars on a car that he had always wanted.

Clearly she has no idea of what being a professional swimmer involves! If I had busted my arse for my entire life, earned a substantial amount of money, enough to retire etc, my husband would not be telling me what I can and can't do. How does it really effect her anyway?

Yes, I understand that he got rid of it because Alley became pregnant with twins, and clearly babies cant travel in Ferarri's, but if he can afford a multi-million dollar penthouse and a Ferarri he can just buy her a pretty SUV and the matter should be closed! Everyone wins!

But NO! not this celebrity couple!

Everything's a drama!

They sell the pregnancy announcement, the baby pictures, stories about their relationship and then ask for "privacy" during this difficult time in their lives!

ummm like hell we are going to give you guys privacy. You have both relished the attention for years and what now the fairytale has come unstuck you want the media to take a hike..... seriously!!!

These two need to spend some cash on purchasing a brain!

& Channel 9, this clown is going to be on your commentary team at the London Olympics later in the year. London Town + Aussie Expat Booze Fest + Grant Hackett = The next Dancing With The Stars contestant. Seriously, save time, drama and money and just dump him into the next series of the Celebrity Apprentice!

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