Thursday, 3 May 2012

All kids need a pet right?

My husband and I have spent what feels like an eternity deciding on what sort of pet to get our children. He is of the impression that all kids "need" a pet, and whilst I agree with him, I really thought in our case it would be more appropriate to wait until our children were a little bit older. Our oldest is 6 and our youngest is 14 months so I really thought maybe another 12 months would have been better timing.


He came home from work a few weeks ago with the name of a man who owned a farm and had some kitten for sale. I was still against this, but I was fighting a losing battle so we took the drive about an hour from where we live in order to pick out a kitten.

When we arrived our girls instantly fell in love with ALL OF THEM! How were they going to chose one? We need not have worried as this cute little all grey little fur ball jumped straight into my Daughter Blaize's lap and he was THE ONE!

These past few weeks have seen me eat my words completely! My 2 older girls have been pretty much looking after "Sooty" on their own. We do its little tray every day but everything else they seem to love doing, to the point where they fight over who's turn it is to feed it.

I hope the novelty never wears off, but it is amazing to see how much love and excitement one tiny little cat can bring to the lives of 4 children. In my opinion all kids certainly need a pet of some sort!

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  1. thats cute! and even more awesome that they are looking after him..We had a puppy but unfortunately he died, we havent bought a new pet yet but we will wait until they are a bit older! it is fun tho when they have a little pet!